Friday, June 7, 2013

We Give Books

'We Give Books' is an organisation based in America that aims to promote reading and access to books within the USA, but also around the world - by offering free books online for you to read!
The idea is simple: read a book online, and a physical book will be donated.  The causes change all the time, and include schools in Africa, Haiti, South America, and children in World Vision programmes in many countries.  Below is a video which introduces what they do.

The programme is run by The Penguin Group and The Pearson Foundation, who are both very big companies in the publishing world.    Click on the icon below to go to the website.  You need to have a (free) account to 'open' a book: you are welcome to use the school one to go online and read.  
The details are:
username:    PlateauLibrary
password:    read

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Please note: the books on this site are all aimed at children between 4 and 10 years old.  You are welcome to set up your own account, but you must ask your parents first as you must be over 13 to sign up.


fairlane said...

Very good they mass get better at rending every day.Wow they mass get books every day it is good that they get help.


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