Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Library is Open - and It's Library Week!!

This term has certainly been long and complicated.... but now we have a new and exciting space, and it looks wonderful!!

Thank you all for your patience while the building work has been going on, and also for adapting to having books come to you, instead of you coming to the library.  We all hope you will love using the new and improved library, and that you all have a wonderful year in in here, reading and learning.

...And WELCOME TO LIBRARY WEEK 2014!  Look out for special stories, competitions, Dress Up Day, and Library Olympics..... let's celebrate our library and have some fun!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

2014 student librarians


Yes, this year has certainly been a little complicated in the library - but we are coming to the end of the refurbishment now, and getting everything ready for the Library Opening on Monday!

Our new student librarians have been announced, and we are delighted to have the following as student librarians in 2014!

Paua: Ryan, Caitlin, Elizabeth, Elena, Nicholas, Brooklyn
Kea: Ratana, Kayla, Nadine, Haylee, Anna, Erin
Ruru: Gracie, Amy, Kaylee, Josh, Will R, Paige

Congratulations, everyone, and let's look forward to a great year ahead!


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