Friday, August 3, 2012

New Books this week...

This week, we have books for everyone on the New Books stand!
For puzzle enthusiasts, we have 'Where's Asterix?'
Where's Asterix?
... the characters we know and love, to search and find.

For Picture Book readers, look for 'Marmaduke Duck and Bernadette Bear'
Marmaduke Duck and Bernadette Bear
 - another great NZ picture book.

Readers who loved 'Hatchet' will enjoy 'Edge of Nowhere'
 a tale of survival in Alaskan waters.

...and for series-readers, we have these great titles...
Pandora Gets LazyThe Pocket Money BluesDelphie and the Glass Slippers

Come and find something new to enjoy this week!


fairlane said...

At the library we read marmalade duck but in some parse it was sad and in some parse it was good Paua room love it.I think that we would read it.I love it!!

HayleeD said...

I love the book Marmaduke duck.It is very sad but then it gets happier and happier as you go on.Paua Room loved it very very much.I feel like geting Wheres Asterix it looks very very fun to do all day!!!!!!!!!!!I also want to read Pandora gets lazy it looks very very exciting to read all day too

AMY said...

Marmaduke duck and bernadette bear is a funny book I love it. I can nevr find asterix becuse he is to good at hiding. by AMY

Anonymous said...

Hi marmaduke dack and how ever she are is I don't think it's reil and haw can mamlad jam and haney mack a dilishis bond that's jast crasey in this life time.


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