Thursday, August 9, 2012

Derek Landy visits Upper Hutt

This week, Derek Landy, author of the Skulduggery Pleasant series, was hosted by HIBS and St Brendans schools, to give an author talk to fans of his books.  The four students who had issued the most Skulduggery books went along, and had a great time listening to Derek.  He was very funny, and he enjoyed interacting with the crowd!  The most exciting news was that there may well be an announcement about a movie deal, very very soon!  Here is a photo of Leroy, Ben, Riley, and Josef with Derek.

We now have the latest in this series (for Year 6 only) in the library, and if you click on the cover, there is a link to the website.


Sidney Smith from ruru said...

I really think I should start the sculduggery books next year :)

By sidney in ruru

Erin MacAlpine said...

Really intrasting, how many books has he done in the liebery ? He looks like a really intrasting athor.

Hayleed said...

It looks very very exiting to read.I really really want to get it out.

kaylee said...

It looks cool and intrasting i wish i was ther to see him with the year six people.

fairlane said...

Really intrasting how many books has you done.I would love to meet he.I love intrasting.

GracieH said...

my brother went to see that and he loved it so now i want to met him because Riley loves him


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