Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Library Week - Day 4

Did you all enjoy hearing Kate De Goldi yesterday?  She loved the school, and talked about how polite and well-behaved you all were!  
The next Library Week post is about Robert Sabuda.  He creates the most amazing pop-up books.  He has made some classic stories into pop-ups, and they are incredible!  Here is a look at what he has done with Alice in Wonderland. Which teachers' costumes look most like their characters in the book?


Shar Mackinnon said...

That was awesome because it was soft nice video.

Olivia powell said...

I loved it when Kate De Golldy came to plateau school she was amazing and she was good at drowing and writing.

I loved how the book was a pop up book. and it is amazing how people can make pop up book's. and I liked how he put lots of detayil in it.

I love it when you put lots of efat when you put vedos on the blog. I think this is a relly cool, amazing,awesome and Excellent blog post.
From Olivia Powell

Anonymous said...

I loved it when Kate came in, infact I learnt a whole lot of new things to help me with my book writing!

I think this pop-up book was so detailed it could've been real, the books creator must be aa real genuis

HayleeD said...

It is amazing i love the way it never ends i would love to have them my self!

HayleeD said...

I loved it when Kate de goldie came to plateau school i learnt that we all are a writer and are very good and should now that it will allways be a special thing to you!


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