Friday, July 4, 2014

Term 3 - New Term, New Books!

Welcome to Term 3!  It's amazing how fast the year is going... and this term, we have some great new books to enjoy.  Every year we buy the Guinness Book of World Records, but this year, it came with a video trailer, too!  Click on the picture below to see it...

We've also got some great new series to come this term. 'Rebecca and the Queen of Nations' is the first of a series telling stories from the point of view of children during important times in New Zealand's early history.  They are a little like the 'My Story' series, and are written by a variety of fantastic authors.  

Rebecca and the Queen of Nations

On the New Book stand this week, we also have one of my favourite picture books to be published in New Zealand lately: Queen Alice's Palaces, by Juliette MacIver.  It is clever, and funny, with great illustrations.

Queen Alice's Palaces

Come in and have a look for yourself!



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