Friday, November 15, 2013

Ashleigh's book review

Here is Ashleigh's book review of 'Pandora Gets Jealous'

Ashleigh has been reading the whole series, and has really enjoyed them, and has chosen one to review.  This book review is very special because, not only is it the first student post on the Library Blog, it is also Ashleigh's final task to complete her Level 2 Student Librarian Award.  

Congratulations, Ashleigh!!!

Pandora gets jealous

Pandora Gets Jealous

There are many new books in our library such as: 
The Christmas toy factory, The very brave bear, The Christmas surprise and Big Nate on a roll.
Pandora gets jealous is a fiction book.
This book is set in Ancient Greece.
It's characters are Pandora, Iole and Alcie.
My favourite character is Pandora because she is very sneaky.
The plot is Pandora wants something new to show at school so she brings her dad's box, but she opens it and releases terrible evils into the world, then has to go all over the world to get them back. Will she make it back alive? 
This story has a good ending.
I would recommend years 5 and 6 to read this book.
I give it a 9/10.

By Ashleigh 



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