Thursday, September 5, 2013

Welcome to Library Week

It's Library Week again!

We have lots of great things going on this week, all aiming to celebrate reading, and our readers - and to have some fun.

Listen out for a surprise bell: it will be telling everyone to stop and read for 10 minutes, no matter what else you are doing!

To officially start the week, Mr Frater will be reading a special Library Week story this morning in the library at 10.20am - see you there....

We also have the book version of 'The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore' in the library now.  Some of you will remember seeing the movie last year on the library blog, but if you don't, here it is below.

The physical book is an 'Augmented Reality' book, which means that if we view it through our special iPad app, amazing things happen!  Come and read the book - and be amazed by the special effects - in classes this week.



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