Friday, August 23, 2013

The Wonder of Books

Our favourite books are those that catch our imagination and make us feel as though we really are somewhere else - or even, someone else!
Peter Pan has been a much-loved story since the book was first published in 1911.  This Peter Pan poster is also a little magical.  There is something special about it if you look closely.  Really closely....

Come into the library this week and see if you can tell what it is!


Erin MacAlpine said...

I want to come into the library because of this lovely blog post.

Anonymous said...

I love captainunderpants books, they are so funny!
I also tried to make a comic but It wouldn't send :(
Keep blogging nonstop! By Bethany.l

Anonymous said...

I really like the captain underpants comic maker it is so awesome and funny it's really sad that I can't send it though ),: but I can always do another one. Liam mcilwrick kea room


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