Friday, March 15, 2013

'The Brain Sucker' by Glenn Wood

Interested in a terrific new book?  Try 'The Brain Sucker', by New Zealand author Glenn Wood.  A shadowy figure is stealing the goodness from children's brains, one by one - and now he has found the way to destroy goodness forever, using the Golden Goodness in Callum's Grandmother's brain....
Callum, Sophie and Jinx desperately need to stop him, but they have only two days before  Social Services visit.  And if they see Grandma behaving like she is right now, there is no way they will let Callum stay with her....

I predict this book will be one of the finalists in the NZ Post Book Awards next month. I can't wait to see if I'm right....
If you would like to hear a little of the book, see the video below, with  the first chapter read by Jeremy Corbett.  This book will be enjoyed most by Years 5 and 6

Another new book this week is 'Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth'.

Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth

Our good friend 'Fancy Nancy' is back!  She is growing up fast, and now is the star of a new series of chapter books.  Nancy and her best friend Bree are desperate to find a good mystery to solve!  Where can they find one?  What can possibly go wrong?  Lots of fun for Fancy Nancy fans!



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