Friday, November 16, 2012


This week, we were lucky enough to see a partial solar eclipse.  It was great to have some solar viewers, and the image of the sun mostly covered by the moon was amazing.  Here is a video with more information on eclipses, and how they happen.


Erin macAlpine said...

WOW, that was INCREADABILL, so interesting that I want it to happen again.

ELLA said...

the partial solar eclipse was awsome!!!!!!! The video was awsome to i thought that help me learn more on the partial eclipse!!!!

craig said...

The eclipse is when the moon covers the sun. that casts a shadow on the erth and it was fantastic!!! and when i looked though the glasas there was an amazing sight that I saw I saw an orange moon. I loved it. thank you mrs nichol for puting this blog post on.

tilly said...

i liked it because how the suns stick together and the sun and earth at the start

Elizabeth said...

I didint now that ther were lonereclips and a millin moons kood thet in the sun it wos icstrowdnery and exsiting.


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