Friday, October 19, 2012

'Secret Agent Splat' by Rob Scotton

Lots of book trailers are aimed at senior readers, but here is one for the juniors.  Splat the Cat is one of my favourite picture book characters - and I know that many of you love him, too.  Here he is, as Secret Agent Splat - on our New Book stand this week!

...and look out for the Secret Agent Splat app, on our school iPads, for activities about the book!


tilly said...

i love this splat its cute and funny and hes a secret agent

Jade Crawley said...

I love this book, i read it at the upper hutt library b4 we got it at the school library.

HayleeD said...

I love the book and the trailer i would love to read the book again in the Library


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