Friday, September 7, 2012

IPad versatility

It is so exciting to get iPads into our school!  Lots of apps are being tested behind the scenes to make sure that we load the ones with the best content.  There are lots of great educational things that we can do with them, and lots of them are really creative.  This is a great clip showing how iPads (and iPods) can be used to actually make music, not just play it....


Anonymous said...


Olivia P said...

I love this coment becues it is about i pads at and we have i pads at the school now and we have got that app in kiwi class i love I pad beacuse thay are tuch scren and you can donlode stuff esly.
I think the blog post was amazing.
Oliva powell

ella said...

that is amazing mabey our school can have an i band!!!! i really enjoied it i could watch it over and over again so many times i exsepiciely like the chirstmas songs!!!!

Jade Crawley said...

I love using the ipads 4 ma learning at school


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