Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thank you, Margaret Mahy

It was sad to hear overnight that Margaret Mahy has died.  She is one of the most accomplished, and most loved, authors New Zealand has ever had. We have many of her books....including this one: 'The Three Legged Cat'.
Some of her other books in our library, include Kaitangata Twitch, A Very Wicked Headmistress, The Blood-and-Thunder Adventure on Hurricane Peak, The Lion in the Meadow, The Moon and Farmer McPhee...books for all ages. 
Thank you, Margaret Mahy, for giving us so many wonderful stories!!

Here is a fantastic 6-minute documentary and interview made by NZ On Screen, great for seniors especially.


Haylee Denham said...

I liked it very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oliviap said...

I loved it because the man was wering the cat and the lady had the boyes hair.
I think this is a Hilatios,Awesome and Amazing post.
Thank you miss Nical
From Olivia powell

kaylee said...

ha-ha-ha funny

Anna =0 =) =P said...

it was absolutely hilarious that the man was wering the cat and the lady hade the mans hat

HayleeD said...

Very hilarious because the man was wearing the cat and the women was feeding the cat and had the cat on her lap and was patting the cat

SidneySmith said...

I am lost for words. I am sure we will all miss Margaret Mahy, with all her fun books and little adventures that leave us craving for more. I am so upset for her family but I thank her for being such a lovely author!


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