Friday, May 11, 2012

Maurice Sendak - author and illustrator

Maurice Sendak, the author of Where the Wild Things Are (and many other wonderful books) has died this week.  To celebrate his work - and to remind you of how great his books are - here is a link to his most famous book, read by Gwendolyn Sandford.  Some of you will have seen the movie, too!

As a footnote for all the Andy Griffiths lovers out there...last June, I posted a blog link to an Andy video of him reading to his cat.  Can you figure out how to find a previous post and watch the video? (Hint: check the blog archive on the bottom right.....)


kaylee said...

I like the wear the wild thing are post it was cool!

fairlane said...

I love where the wild things are. its a cool book even though it doesnt have many words. i think if i went to school without it i would cry and i would read it with my mum and dad

kaylee said...

wow cool

olivia s said...

i love that book its so so so cool i have it at home.

lily brattle said...

i love it but i feal sad because the man who wrote this book is dead now :(


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