Thursday, May 19, 2011

...and the winners are...!

The NZ Post Book Award winners have been announced!

The winner of the Picture Book Category AND the overall Book of the Year  is:
The Moon and Farmer McPhee The Moon and Farmer McPhee

Congratulations to Margaret Mahy!

The Children's Choice winner was... any guesses?
Yes, it was..

Baa Baa Smart SheepBaa Baa Smart Sheep.

Junior Fiction Winner was:
Finnigan and the PiratesFinnigan and the Pirates

And the best First Book Award went to
Hollie ChipsHollie Chips.

These are all great books, and of course they are all in our library - so come and have a look at them while they are on display for one more week, and then they will be available for issue.


Anonymous said...

All of the books that one deserved to win. My favourite book is Baa Baa Smart Sheep.The book is VERY funny because Quirky Turkey is silly and gets tricked into eating so.something very smelly and brown.

Carlie-Ann Rua

Anonymous said...

i love all the books that magret mahy writes and this one is probably one of my favorites. I like it because of the illustrations and descriptions.

Sharntay Baxendale


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